Limited Systems

Mostly about running Mastodon and Pleroma on low-resource boards such as the Raspberry Pi and the PYNQ-Z1.

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Getting started

If you would like to run your own service but are not familiar with networking, Linux, command line etc, this guide provide an introduction.

And if you wonder about the resource usage of a Fediverse instance, this might be of interest:

Installation Write-ups

These are just write-ups of notes I took during installation.

Raspberry Pi 3 on QEMU

Short tutorials on running Linux for Raspberry Pi 3 on QEMU, a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer.

Building a custom Linux kernel for your Arm board

OpenCL on the Raspberry Pi 3

Limited Systems

The name is taken from Limited Systems Vehicle, a type of ship in Iain M. Banks’s Culture series.